A Little Girl's Dream to Become an Explorer Turns into Becoming a Wildlife Biologist

County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation

A little girl’s dream to become an explorer turns into becoming a wildlife biologist and land use/environmental planner. This video is about how my love for exploring and nature led me to a career I am passionate about.

Activity - Homopolar Motor


Homopolar Motor - Learn how to create your own homopolar motor using 2 paperclips, copper wire, a magnet, a battery and a base.

Ask An Expert: How Do I Safely Start a Campfire?

County of San Diego Parks and Recreation

Did you know there are rules when it comes to lighting campfires in San Diego County Parks? We’ve got the hints you need to keep you safe and within regulation.

Ask An Expert: Snake on the Trail! What Do I Do?

County of San Diego Parks and Recreation

You’re hiking along one of our many awesome trails and you stop in your tracks because – eek! – there’s a rattlesnake in the path. What do you do? Ranger Alex can tell you.

Ask an Expert: What is Good Camping Etiquette?

County of San Diego Parks and Recreation

One major camping rule? If you pack it in, pack it out! Supervising Park Ranger Maggie has this and more tips on proper etiquette while camping at a County park.