Challenge Island STEAM Star Series: Meet General Motors Automotive Engineer Luke Peterson!

Challenge Island San Diego Coastal

Vrooom! Vrrooom! Imagine your future as an AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEER during Challenge Island’s 12/10 Hanging with the STEAM Stars! Do you ever wonder what it would be like to build cool cars for a living? Or how computers can be used to keep cars safe? You won’t want to miss meeting Lucas Peterson, an automotive engineer for General Motors in Detroit! Learn how Luke turned his Dream STEAM career into reality during this amazing Hanging with the STEAM Stars Episode!

Challenge Island STEAM Stars: Microsoft Software Engineer Kelcy Newton is Brimming with Girl Power!

Challenge Island San Diego Coastal

Do you dream of a career in website or video game design? Do you think coding is colossally cool? Meet Kelcy Newton, an inspiring Microsoft SOFTWARE ENGINEER who is brimming with Girl Power! Learn what she gets to do every day and how she turned her STEAM dream Job into reality.

Clay Boat Experiment - Archimedes' Principle

Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc.

In this experiment Felix and Kereshmeh test Archimedes’ Principle, which includes the scientific principles of buoyancy, surface area, and displacement. Felix explains why the shape of the boat is critical to having a heavy object float on water.

Day in the Life of a Civil Water Resource Engineer - Cassidy Thornbury

Society of Women Engineers (SWE) San Diego

A Day in the Life of a Civil Water Resource Engineer. Cassidy has a passion for protecting, managing, and distributing water; one of the world’s limited resources. Learn about her career pathway and what she wishes she learned in school.

Day in the life of U.S. Navy STEM opportunities

Navy Talent Acquisition Group, South West

This is a video walkthrough of the day to day expectations and job descriptions of just a few of the STEM opportunities within the U.S. Navy.