California Least Terns Restoring Habitats (Audubon Society)

San Diego Mesa College STEM Conexiones

Hillary Rivas, a second year student at San Diego Mesa College studying geographic information systems and Audubon Society intern. This video explains what the California Least Terns are and why it is important to have organizations like the San Diego Audubon Society, do habitat restoration for this bird species.

Career Discussion with Neurocrine Scientists

Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc.

Brooklynn, a guest student asks our Neurocrine employees about their careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Career Talk with Marcus Thorne: Art + Architecture

Wine and Canvas San Diego

Marcus Thorne talks about his career in architecture as a designer specializing in hospitals and healthcare facilities. He also shares how he got started as an artist and speaks about what he does as an art instructor, business owner and life coach.

Career Talks - Gail Gasior, Director of Clinical Compliance


Gail Gasior, Director of Clinical Compliance, describes her career journey on how she is where she is today with a major in History.

Career Talks - Sangeetha Nair, Director of R&D


Sangeetha Nair, Director of R&D, shares her career journey on her passion to save lives.