Demonstration of a kaleidoscope and how to build one.

Leadership Library - Maurice Exner, VP of R&D, Hologic


Maurice Exner, Vice President of R&D, talks about how he ended up in his current role as Vice President of Assay Development and Clinical Affairs at Hologic’s Diagnostic Solutions Division.

Learning Lab: Working in STEM

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Check out the Learning Lab team as they speak to the importance of representation and diversity in STEM!

Let's Talk Mosquitos - Vector Control Program

County of San Diego Vector Control Program

Did you know that mosquitoes can spread diseases and make people sick? Learn all about the mosquito life cycle, how they can spread diseases to people, and what we can do to keep ourselves safe from mosquito bites.

Lilly for STEM festival 2021: panel discussion

Eli Lilly & Co

Lilly employees discuss their diverse journey in science and what has inspired them to pursue their respective careers